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Journey in the Aeolian Islands

(3 x 26', 1 x 74')


Immagini dal Mare

gran premio della TV dedicato al mare

Premio per la migliore fotografia

Premio Immagini del Mare - EUDI

Primo Premio Festival Internazionale Pelagos

Ancient islands, forged by volcanic fire, the Aeolian Islands are the symbol of the Mediterranean; seven fascinating sisters, all different, and each one with her own magic.   Dwelling of the gods of the wind and fire, site of harsh battles and cradle of remote civilizations, they hide picturesque underwater seascapes and skeletons of ancient shipwrecks.  White and black, pumice and obsidian have, since the bronze age, attracted sailors from the farthest points of the Mediterranean to this setting of myths and legends

Tales of the Sea
Underwater Adventures
Journey in the Red Sea
A Passion for Blue 
Five Adventures
the Return of the Turtle
Journey in the Aeolian Islands 
in the Kingdom of the Giant Octopus
the Sea of Marble
The Marine Parks of Corsica
Mediterranean Sea:
from Ponza to Taormina
from Puglia to Panarea
A Coral Oasis 
Ocean Planet
Shadows under the Sea
Wind of Mykonostales_of_the_sea.htmlshort_tales.htmljourney_in_the_red_sea.htmla_passion_for_blue.htmlfive_adventures.htmlturtle.htmlgiant_octopus.htmlgiant_octopus.htmlsea_of_marble.htmlcorsica_marine_parks.htmlfrom_ponza..._to_panarea_uk.htmlfrom_ponza..._to_panarea_uk.htmlfrom_ponza..._to_panarea_uk.htmla_coral_oasis.htmlocean_planet.html
Andrea Cochetti   -    Subaco productions 
tel.: 39.335.395629  - 39.346.6277351
26, via Valdagno, 00191 - Rome - Italy (map)

Journey in the Aeolian Islands

(3 x 26', 1 x 52')


Award Immagini del Mare EUDI

Festival Internazionale del Cinema

Sottomarino Pelagos

First Award