Founded in 1991 by Andrea Cochetti, Subaco is a production company which pays a particular attention to the quality of  its programs. Subaco supplies the Italian television industry some of the best quality documentaries, current affairs and factual programs

It is registered as one of the RAI suppliers for the shooting, editing and dubbing of movies and documentaries. SUBACO is equipped with extremely modern TV production facilities: digital technology in high definition. It is present in every sector of new media, from computer graphics to cinema and advertising, from audio editing to multimedia interactive projects

Subaco documentaries have received important recognitions and awards and have been distributed in over 80 countries by the most
prestigious distribution companies such as Teleimages and Vision

It deals with the most prestigious distribution companies selecting a wide range of programs for the  most important Italian  networks
production  for RAI
RAI1, RAI2, RAi3
accomplishments and productions for RAI, the Italian public network

  production for EBU-UER  
production of 6 documentaries hosted and directed by Andrea Cochetti for a European project cooradinated by the EBU-UER (European Broadcasting Union) raiuno.html
andrea cochetti

Since 1989 Andrea Cochetti has been engaged in the production of high quality documentaries and reportages. With Subaco he is also involved in the selection of  international television programs.

He has made - as an author and also producer  - over 400 films for RAIUNO programs (such as TG1, SPECIALE TG1, TGR MEDITERRANEO, SPECIALI DI QUARK, EVELINA EURONEWS, LINEA BLU), RAIDUE programs (such as TG2, TG2 - SOCIETA’ E COSTUME, PERCHÉ, SEGRETI, SERENO VARIABILE, HO BISOGNO DI TE), RAITRE programs (such as ULTIMO MINUTO, GEO-VIAGGIO NEL PIANETA TERRA, NEL REGNO DEGLI ANIMALI, CIAK-ANIMALI NEL CINEMA, GEO & GEO, GEO MAGAZINE, COSE DELL'ALTRO GEO, TGR MEDITERRANEO, TIMBUCTU): these are mainly documentaries, réportages and tv specials about news events or topics of interest.

He has hosted and produced the   program “Tales from the Sea", aired on RAITRE in primetime.

He's the author of documentaries which have been broadcasted by National
Geographic, Discovery Channel (Discovery America, Discovery Canada, Discovery International), FRANCE2, Canal+
International (Francia, Bénélux, Scandinavia, Polonia), HBO-Spektrum TV (Ungheria, Rep. Ceca, Slovenia), ARD1 (Germania), SSR/SF, TSI (German, Italian and French Switzerland), TVE (Spagna), Lybian TV, TRT (Turchia), ERT (Grecia), IETV-Israel, China TV, STV12-Singapore, TVCipta-Indonesia, RT Malaysia, KBS (Corea del Sud), NTV-Japan, and have received international awards.
Andrea Cochetti started his career as a documentary director and a producer with a film in the Cyclades islands: “Wind of Mykonos”. A long period was then dedicated to the exploration of the Bonifacio Strait: “Shadows under the Sea” and  “Groupers-City”. The next step took him to the icy waters of Canada where he filmed the  "Giant Pacific Octopus". This was followed up by further adventures in Colombia (“Hammerhead Sharks”), Micronesia (“Jelly-fish Lake”), Borneo (“The Island of the Turtles) and  South Africa (“The Sand Tiger Sharks”) all describing the extraordinary wonders to be found in the most varied kinds of underwater worlds. Later he returned to his first love, the Mediterranean Sea, to shoot archaeological documentaries (“The Sea of Marble”) and other productions dedicated to natural reserves, “The Marine Parks of Corsica”, “The Aeolian Islands”, as well as a series about the Mediterranean Sea coordinated by the EBU-UER (European Broadcasting Union). His latest adventure has been in the Red Sea, resulting in a series called “Sea of Africa”, for RAI1
Andrea Cochetti   -    Subaco productions 
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