Subaco leads the Italian television industry in the production and acquisition of television programming of the highest quality.

The company is one of the top program suppliers for terrestrial broadcasters and pay-tv channels in Italy, treating all genres including non-fiction, children's programming, and fictional series and films.  Subaco is a well-respected advisor and source of information to the Italian television community, often called upon to scout the international market for viable programs that reach a specific audience segment.

Since 1991, Subaco has done business with companies such as Paramount, Cinar, Cookie Jar, Teleimage, Worldvision, Tremendous, Hit Entertainment, Telfrance, London Films, VM (Paris), NBD TV(London)

Andrea Cochetti   -    Subaco productions 
tel.: 39.335.395629  - 39.346.6277351
26, via Valdagno, 00191 - Rome - Italy (map)