Five Adventures

(1 x 48')

television, streaming  and inflight broadcast


14) Un Punto nell’Oceano (8') (Colombia)

L'onda lunga dell'oceano si infrange senza sosta sulle ripide scogliere della remota isola di Malpelo. I suoi effetti si avvertono fino a 25 metri di profondità. Queste acque sono ricche di ossigeno e di nutrimento; solo poche fenditure offrono riparo dagli attacchi dei predatori. Questo mare ospita una straordinaria profusione di vita. All'origine di questa abbondanza ci sono dei fenomeni legati al clima e allo spostamento di enormi masse d'acqua. Le correnti fredde provenienti dall'Antartico - che rendono possibile la vita dei pinguini nelle isole Galapagos, vicine all'equatore - si incontrano con le correnti calde dei tropici, provocando un continuo apporto di acque fresche, ricche di sali minerali e di nutrimento


Palme d'Argent - XXII Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-marine

UNIVERSAL EXPO 1998 - Lisbon: official selection

First Award  - International Festival of  Underwater Cinema - Rome

Best Photography Award - Pelagos – Rome


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1) The Sand Tiger Sharks of South Africa  (South Africa)

Near the town of Durban, during a brief period that came to be called Black December, 5 people were attacked and killed by sharks. We’ve found the shark that escaped being caught by a fisherman. The hook piercing the edge of his fearful jaws is made of steel. And now for a short but bumpy underwater rodeo! We capture the shark, but it seems he has no intention of submitting to the attentions of a dentist...

2) The Island of the Turtles (Borneo)

The first light of the morning wakens the reef. A turtle spent the night in a small grotto, lying on a cushion of gorgonian that sways with the current.  His ancestors adapted to the sea 150 million years ago, but the turtle remains tied to his history as a land animal. Marine turtles swam in the oceans of prehistory. Luckily, it seems they intend to survive for a long time to come in our seas!

3) The Grotto of the Nautilus (Micronesia)

Many islands of the Pacific communicate with each other through a labyrinth of grottoes and underwater canals. These grottoes contain many memories of this sea and the animals that inhabit it. In the heart of a cave, a wonderful surprise awaits us: out of the darkness an extraordinary creature emerges, an inhabitant of the deepest ocean abyss, unchanged after millions of years. The nautilus is a true living fossil.

4) Jellyfish Lake (Palau Islands)

Just north of the equator, the waters of the Pacific Ocean penetrate the heart of the Palau Archipelago. Resting on the peaks of an underwater mountain-chain that stretches from Japan to Papua - New Guinea, these coral islands hold  hundreds of lagoons within them. These lakes of salt water are true “undersea worlds”, each one different from the next; most are still unexplored. The waters of “Jellyfish Lake” are inhabited by an immense population of jellyfish. They swim from one side of the lagoon to the other, following the path of the sun.

5) The Giant Octopus (Vancouver Island)

In the frigid depths of a hostile ocean is the home of one of the biggest octopus ever filmed in the wild. This is the terrifying, tentacled monster of ancient legends and myths: the Giant Octopus of the Pacific. The octopus has had to bear the brunt of embodying the anxieties and apprehensions of mankind, the terror of that which creeps, seizes, and strangles. But here is a  frail  and gentle creature that willingly accepts our caresses, a silent ambassador from the world where life first appeared on our planet


Five Adventures

Five Adventures

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Five Adventures

(1 x 48')


International Festival of

Underwater Cinema - Pelagos

Best Photography

II International Festival of

Underwater Cinema - Elba

First Prize -  Gold Dolphin

European Lottery – Unesco