The broadcast in Germany on ARD1, at Christmas 2000, received one of the best three audience ratings of the documentary programs

in France "Le Royaume de la Pieuvre Géante" was broadcasted four times by France 2

At the Universal Expo of Lisbon this documentary was broadcasted in the internal monitors during the whole international event: the Expo was attended by 11 millions visitors

It was  shown at the  DEMA 2001 - USA, the main event in the Usa in the ambit of underwater industry and sports 

It has been screened nonstop for 6 months at the Acquarium di Genova

it is the first Italian documentary to be awarded at the Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine, in competition with the BBC natural history units 

In the Kingdom of the Giant Octopus

(1 x 52')

The octopus has had to bear the brunt of embodying the anxieties and apprehensions of mankind, the terror of that which creeps, seizes, and strangles. But here is a  frail  and gentle creature that willingly accepts our caresses, a silent ambassador from the world where life first appeared on our planet...

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Expo '98 Lisbona

DEMA 2001 - USA

Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine

Prize of the Oceanographic Society P.Ricard

Festival Internazionale


Festival di Canzo

International Festival d'Elba

International Festival of Tourist Film

Lisbon: the Universal Expo

Tales of the Sea
Short Tales of the Sea
The Jewels of the Red Sea
A Passion for Blue 
Five Adventures
the Return of the Turtle
Journey in the Aeolian Islands 
in the Kingdom
of the Giant Octopus
the Sea of Marble
The Marine Parks of Corsica
Mediterranean Sea:
from Ponza to Taormina
from Puglia to Panarea
A Coral Oasis 
Ocean Planet
Shadows under the Sea
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