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Tales of the Sea
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Journey in the Red Sea
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 Journey in the Red Sea

(3 x 52')

"This is the story of my latest adventure in this African Sea: wandering between the desert and the sea, I explored the mysterious bonds that link these two extraordinary worlds". So different and so close, the desert and the sea. Nature has obliged them to lie side by side: the inhospitable kingdom of silence, with its boundless swathes of sand and sun-blinded stones, and a hidden paradise, alive with brightly coloured living jewels, creatures both marvellous and fragile. We voyage from a magic submerged world, among unusual marine creatures and the remains of ancient shipwrecks, towards the highest peaks in the Sinai.

part 1 - Sea of Africa

part 2 - The Jewels of the Red Sea

part 3 - Sinai, from the Desert to the Sea

Sea of Africa

Sinai, from the  Desert to the Sea