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Shadows under the Sea

(1 x 29')

In a remote time the sea split the largest island in the Mediterranean, the legendary Tyrrhenis, into the two parts we call Sardinia and Corsica: the Strait of Bonifacio was the unknown sea where Ulysses's ship was lost. Alphonse Daudet and Victor Hugo were touched by the tragedies of the sea occurred in the Bonifacio's Strait. On the background of the histories of this lough tormented by the storms, the documentary describes the life and surroundings of the grouper, the biggest inhabitant of the submarine reefs of the Mediterranean. It recounts the history of a sea tormented by the fury  of  the  elements  and  sheds  light   on  the mysteries of ancient civilizations once established on the legendary island of Tyrrhenis (29’).


Mostra Cinematografica Internazionale

La Natura, l'Uomo e l'Ambiente  (1995)

A Special Award from the president of the Italian Republic was received “for having made a documentary , through a long and unusual work of observation, dedicated to an endangered marine species in risk of extinction in the Mediterranean Sea

Festival mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine

premio per il miglior adattamento musicale

Rassegna Nazionale del Documentario Italiano

Premio "Mediterraneo"

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